reading roundup: 19 September 2012

This post was delayed by my travels to New Orleans. Here’s what I was reading before I left!

I watched the paralympics closing ceremony (admittedly, to see my favorite band playing, won’t lie) and completely missed the druidic elements, so… a pleasant surprise! Some of the comments are illuminating as well, particularly the discussion about how much more well-accepted paganism is in England as opposed to the United States.

A very negative tone towards “superstition” but a very interesting phenomenon; the Thai army is looking to protect themselves against black magic and sorcery. So they are turning to amulets and talismans to do so.

This fascinating interview with Jack Haberstam (you may know him better by the name Judith) isn’t directly related to magic at first glance, but I think a lot of queer theory has a lot to say to modern magic. Since I am specifically interested in questions of queer & trans* magic, I’m always interested in the way that naming, being gendered, and self-identifying have powerful, magical components (isn’t one of the most common magical acts to pick your own magical name?).

A good, if dated, overview of “paganisms” and their relationship to each other. I’m much in favor of designating “paganisms” (or even “neopaganisms”) as an umbrella term over “paganism” as some monolith.

Why does anyone get into the practice of magic? Frater Barrabbas explores how we can enter into magical and esoteric research and practice with selfish motives and find more than we bargained for… when I first started exploring magic academically in 2007, I was exploring largely out of curiosity (and I admit, now with some embarrassment, I read a lot of cheesy, badly written ’90s books about Wicca because they were funny in an awkward, MST3K sort of way) but quickly found I was already doing magic and magical principles, once applied, started creeping in everywhere around me in every day life.

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